I have lived in Western Nigeria since I was 11, and became a Born Again Pentecostal Christian in 1979. By 1986, I had had enough of the hypocrisy of my supposed Brethren, and entered into a period of despondency, until 1992, when I discovered Carlos Castaneda. The first two books of his that I read explained everything I had wanted to know about Full Gospel Christianity- but there was no one I could ask for straight answers.

However, the Quantum Leap forward in understanding I achieved at that time was almost as nothing, when I got my hands on the core teachings of L. Ron Hubbard’s DIANETICS & SCIENTOLOGY. It became obvious that no one in Christianity really knew what they were doing. Clearly, I needed to start a Church that would get The Truth about Christian Religion & Spirituality out- but there was no one, locally, nor on the Internet, to start one with.

My personal life, and my country having entered into a crucial situation, I am making an effort to show those Christians who deserve to know, what they have been deprived of all their lives.







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